If you have ever gone camping, you understand how hard it is sometimes not to have access to one of the main commodities of a modern lifestyle. That being having power. With KYNG’s 60 Watt Foldable Panels, now you do not have to worry about this anymore.

Now, you can have an environmentally friendly, and easy power source that does not take up too much space or hassle. While camping you can charge a variety of electronic devices, including portable power stations! KYNG has a variety of portable power stations that can make this easier than ever before.The portable power stations available through KYNG includes the 500W Portable Power Station450Wh Portable Power Station222Wh Portable Power Station, and other solar devices.

So what are you waiting for? You can now cease the moment to camping with less risk knowing that no matter what you will still have the power that you need.