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KYNG Fitness Massager is a new and revolutionary therapeutic massage device, an ideal tool to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists, and anyone else who suffer from injuries or muscle aches. This new generation rechargeable cordless deep-tissue massage gun relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, increases circulation and range of motion, and improves the overall health of the body’s soft tissue. The 24V rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery provides long lasting therapy. The massager can be used to improve body posture and functioning and as a complement to other medical treatments or just as a stress reducer and a “feel good” therapy. It is built with high-quality craftsmanship and comes backed by a manufacturer one-year warranty.

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Not only will it speed up recovery time, but a massage can help unlock muscles that have tightened up as well as improve circulation and release tension. The Kyng Fitness Percussive Massager is a cordless, state-of-the-art professional vibration massage device that relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, increases circulation and range of motion, and improves the overall health of the body’s soft tissue. Lightweight & easy to use for self myofacial release.

  • #1 RANKED MASSAGE GUN: Don’t be fooled by imitations, Kyng Fitness Massage Gun is the innovator in massage therapy. This is the most quiet and powerful massage gun in the marketplace! There is a reason why Physical Therapist have ranked Kyng Fitness Massage Gun #1.
  • 100% GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR WARRANTY: That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied we will provide a 100% guarantee and a 1 year warranty! Don’t be fooled by the look alike imitations, Kyng Fitness Massager is RANKED #1 for a reason, ITS THE BEST! And we stand by that guarantee!
  • POWERFUL AND QUIET: This Percussive Massage Gun comes with a Powerful 24V Rechargeable lithium ion battery and brushless motor. The noise reduction is 60 dbA with a motor power of 250w. You can’t get better!
  • TOTAL BODY RELIEF: Trigger point massage can be used for foot, back, neck and any sore area. Make your shoulder and neck free from pain that chiropractors and massage therapists have not been able to alleviate entirely. Delivers an astounding 2400 rpm, scientifically proven vibration frequency and amplitude provides durability and superior performance! Comes with 4 professional attachments, Flat Head, Spinal Head, Round Head, and Precision Point Head for maximum effectiveness.
  • BEST ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed with 180° Swivel Technology with adjustable massage head stimulates your muscle relaxation and improves health. The adjustable massage head allows your body to enjoy multi-angle massage. You can freely adjust the angle by pressing the button. The massager help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles, relax all of your muscle groups, de-stress, and energize your whole body.


-Quiet 24V brushless motor
-4 tip attachments: round head, spinal head, flat head & precision point head
-Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (2-3 hrs charging time- enough for 21 days, used for 20 minutes at a time on low speed)
-Noise reduction (60 dbA low noise)
-Charging time 2-3 hrs
-On-Off Power switch
-Stroke Length: 16 mm
-Stall force: 30 kg / 66 lbs
-Motor power: 250 W
-Frequency: 1st Gear 30 Hz, 2nd Gear 35 Hz, 3rd Gear 40 Hz
-Weight: 1 kg


*Professional Ranked #1 Massage Gun
*Charging Cable
*4 Attachments-Flat Head, Spinal Head, Round Head Precision Point Head
*Instruction Manual

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  1. Stephanie Boyd

    MUST have for any ATHLETE!

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