Portable 222Wh Power Station Generator


The Premium Kyng Power Solar Portable Generator power station is silent, mobile and produces safe, clean power. There is no time to fool around when you need power! The KYNG POWER 222Wh/400w Peak Portable Power Station is the most RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE Solar Generator in the market place! Ranked #1. You pay for what you get. Make no mistake about it! It works! Its 100% guaranteed! Enough Said!

3 Ways of Charging

  1. AC Adapter: 15V3A – Fully Charged Time: 7-8 hours
  2. Car Charger: 13.6V1.8A – Fully Charged Time: 14 hours
  3. Solar Panel: 16V 60W (Recommended Kyng Panel) – Fully Charged Time: 8 hours(Full Sun) – Fully Charged Time: 14 hours


  1. AC: 200W 110V/220V
  2. DC: 9-12.6V 10A (15A Max)
  3. USB: 5V 2.4A 4.USB QC3.0: 18W 5.Type-C QC3.0: 18W

Input: 15V3A
LED Light: Flashlight 55+hours, Blink 111+hours, SOS 132+hours It can charge for different devices:

  1. AC Output: – 60W 32” TV: 3hours+, – 60W Laptop: 3hours+, – 60W Standing Fan: 3hours+, – 40W CPAP: 4.7hours+
  2. DC Output: – 60W Car Fridge: 3hours+, – 60W Car Vacuum Cleaner: 3hours+, – 90W Car Air Compressor: 2hours+, – DC5W LED Bulbs: 37hours+, – 24W LED Tube: 7hours+
  3. USB Output: – Iphone 8-Plus: 15times+, – Ipad Pro: 6times+, – GoPro: 35times+. – Camera: 14times+, – Bluetooth Speaker: 50times+

Comes with 222Wh Generator, AC Adapter, Car Cigarrette Lighter Adapter, Car Charger and User Manual


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  • LATEST KYNG POWER 222WH PORTABLE POWER STATION-100% GUARANTEED: Yes you heard right, 100% guarantee on this generator. The Kyng Power 222Wh is amongst the most powerful, reliable generators in its category, Ranked #1 for a reason! KYNG POWER is the most Trusted Portable Solar Company with the greatest Customer Service!
  • EASY RECHARGE: Home wall AC 15V3A outlet power (7-8 hours fully charged), Car cigarette DC 13.6V1.8A power (14 hours fully charged) and 16V 60W solar power panel (8-14 hours fully charged). The Kyng Power Solar Panel is RECOMMENDED compatible to this generator.
  • PORTABLE & MULTIPLE BUILT-IN PORTS: This Kyng Power Solar Generator comes with 5 DC ports 12V 10-15A (including cigarette lighter), 4 USB Ports (2 USB 5V2.4A, USB QC 18W, Type C QC 18W)), 1 AC outlet 110V/200W, (Modified Sine Wave) 1 LED, Simultaneously charge up to 9 devices without any fear of over-current, over-voltage or over-temperature. Enough to meet all of you needs of charging up your tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, fans, TV, lights and CPAP machine.
  • LARGER POWERFUL CAPACITY & LONGER WORK TIME: This generator capacity is 222Wh – 400W Peak and continuous power 200W, It will meet any of your emergency needs, LED 100+hours, camping, CPAP, and charging just about and device you can think of! Supports 60W laptop charge 3+hours, 60W 32″ TV 3+hours, 60W Fan 3+hours, 40W CPAP 4+hours, Smartphone 15+ times, GoPro 35+ times, Etc
  • PORTABLE & LIGHT-WEIGHT: Lightweight, compact in size, weighing just 5.3 lbs, being off-grid has never been so easy. When you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, for home use, camping, you have enough items to carry, this 222Wh Generator is compact and lightweight, making it and essential tool to have with you at all times. 8.27×5.47×7.1 Rely on KYNG POWER!

Additional information

Weight 6.95 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 8.4 × 6.8 in


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