“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

-Helen Keller

One of the most consistent things in life is sunshine. Think about it, when you go to bed and see the dark sky, you are not overwhelmed with the thought that the consuming darkness you see will last forever. You know when you awaken the sun will rise. When a storm brews, and clouds close in and block your view of the light, you know that around the other side, high above the foggy mist below, the air shines gloriously.

You know this, because time and time again the sun has risen, and you were not left alone in the dark. You may think that this is common sense that the sun shines, but you are wrong. Having the sun rise breaks the bounds of common sense. You know what common sense is?

Expecting things to break. Expecting things to change. And even expecting every unpredictable thing to happen. This is what is so amazing about this, and why so many parallels can be drawn about sunshine. When thinking about light and darkness, you can easily categorize this into good and bad. Good, meaning that you can see things clearly, that everything is bright and warm. Bad, meaning that you cannot see your surroundings, it is cold and confusing. It is easy to have a comparison as such.

When Helen Keller says this profound line, she is relating it to sunflowers and their growth, and our lives and how that compares to our figurative growth. By saying we should keep our face to sunshine, she means that we should focus on the good in our lives and when we do this we cannot even see the bad. Consider all the meanings you can attach to the word light.

A new dawn. A beacon. Always at the end of every tunnel no matter how long or twisted or confusing. When you implicate this even further, you can come to the conclusion that there is always light in your life, and if you cannot see it yet, do not worry. All this means is that sun has not yet risen. That clouds still linger. And the tunnel continues. But you can know without a doubt and complete certainty that it will. This is a true undeniable fact, it will. Figuratively. Literally. It will. And that is why it also applies to the other aspects of our lives.

Historically we have used power and electricity to help power a better society, but sometimes our power can fail on us, or other times we go to areas that do not have the traditional access to power. Examples of this include emergency power and camping expeditions. Sunlight, however, as I am sure you already know is not affected by power outages or weird locations in the middle of the woods. That is why adding solar power is a viable addition that you should consider adding to your life. Solar power can help you in the tightest spots, and give you a bit of comfort and ease when other sources fail to help you.

One company that provides easy, foldable, and portable solar panels, is KYNG. KYNG can provide you with the the 60w Portable Foldable Solar Panel or the 120W Portable Foldable Solar Panel. Both of these solar panels are lightweight, easy to use, and extremely effective for every day use. Having a portable power source is very useful, for any adventure away from a traditional place of power such on a road trip or camping. This product is also environment friendly, which means you can find ways to protect the earth and furthermore support an environment friendly lifestyle.

Either way, you can make use out one of earths best and entirely consistent natural resources. So, when life gets hard and lonely, and things change, do not worry. Even when there is a storm there is still the sun shining brightly behind it. So what will you do with this?

Bring as much sunshine into your life. Turn your face to it. Completely leave the shadows behind in the dust. Use it in the face of emergency and disaster. Use it for the environment. What ever way you look at this, this is a win win situation. Draw power from the sun with solar power, and turn your dreams into a reality.